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Welcome to the third of our Practice newsletters as we look back on our achievements and ahead to future plans.

“In the UK, more than 7,500 people were diagnosed with mouth cancer last year. The disease has grown by a third in the last decade – and remains one of very few cancers which are predicted to increase further in the coming years – that’s why Mouth Cancer Action is so important.

How can I keep my mouth healthy?

  • Visit your dentist regularly, as often as they recommend, even if you wear dentures. This is especially important if you smoke and drink alcohol.
  • When brushing your teeth, look out for any changes in your mouth, and report any red or white patches, or ulcers, that have not cleared up within three weeks.
  • When exposed to the sun, be sure to use a good protective sun cream, and put the correct type of barrier cream on your lips.
  • A good diet, rich in vitamins A, C and E, provides protection against the development of mouth cancer.  Plenty of fruit and vegetables help the body to protect itself, in general, from most cancers.
  • Cut down on your smoking and drinking.


Associate Dentist; Ian Clift still has some availability to see patients considering Implant or Invisalign orthodontic treatment. Ian works an evening session once a month making it possible for patients who have for example, work or childcare commitments, to attend. Implants not only fill a gap but also enable dentures to sit more securely. Please do ask at reception for further information.

Quick News Update

Thank you to our dental team for attending and taking part in our bi-annual, in-house medical emergency training delivered very expertly by IOW Ambulance Training NHS Trust. It is ‘hands-on’; we role-play a life-threatening scenario and work in teams to practise CPR, Oxygen delivery and Defibrillator. Our next training session in April has a focus on medical emergencies; diagnosis and potential medications required for e.g. diabetic coma, anaphylactic shock etc. We hope not to be needing our medical emergency kit, but check it daily and update/train regularly, to be competent should the need arise.

We enjoyed an in-house ‘Lunch and Learn’ session provided by Wright Cottrell and as a result, our Principal Dentist; John has purchased a new delivery system for large fillings. It places the filling material (composite), with sonic energy which makes for a better adaptation to the cavity form and eliminates any potential air voids.  It should make for a better and longer-lasting filling.

November is a busy time for our dental team as we prepare for our annual Denplan Excel Assessment. The decision to sign up to this scheme of excellence is to ensure that despite the fact that

we are a small private dental practice, somewhat isolated geographically, that we nevertheless work hard to update dental knowledge and skills in accordance with General Dental Council’s Professional Standards. This inspection lasts for at least three to four hours where a Denplan Dental Advisor examines key areas e.g. record-keeping, patient and staff safety (Health & Safety, Infection Control, Radiation and Radiography), recruitment, training and management of the dental team etc. Our aim is to match our result of 2016 – 100% compliance achieved.

Tracey Duggan
(Yarmouth Dental Practice Manager)