What we offer

Yarmouth Dental Practice is able to provide a variety of professional cosmetic dental services including ‘Smile Makeovers’ and ‘Tooth Whitening’. You will find an overview of the range of services we can provide below. For further information on any of our services or to schedule an appointment, please contact the practice on: 01983 761 237. For alternative methods of contact please click here.

Please note that all prices provided are a guideline and final costs will be individually determined as part of your complete dental treatment plan.






Our small and friendly practice has been established for many years and we strive to provide affordable, quality dental treatment under private contract. Payment plans are available on request.

Treatment List

DiagnosisDiagnosis includes a consultation to determine your current dental situation and a personal treatment plan to improve the health of your oral tissues (x-rays included).
Periodontal (Gum) ImprovementA range of gum conditioning services that will help improve the health and appearance of your gums.
Tooth RestorationOur tooth restoration services includes measures to treat broken or partially damaged teeth.
Teeth ReplacementWe are able to provide 'removable' and 'fixed' options for missing teeth, such as dentures, bridge work and implants.
Jaw Joint ProblemsFor those that suffer from a disharmony between how your teeth close together and how your jaws fit into your skull, we offer corrective treatments for Jaw Joint Dysfunction.
Extractions & Surgical TreatmentsThis service relates to extractions and gum surgery.
Smile ImprovementsWe offer 'Smile Improvement' plans and treatments that will help you obtain the smile you've always wanted.

Price List (please click on Denplan logo above for Denplan fees)

New Patient Examination£56.00
Standard Examination£47.00
Child Examination£17.50 - £21.00
Young Adult Examinations (16-18 yrs)£30.00
Periodontal (Gum) Improvement Plans
Routine Hygienist Session£50.00
Extended Session with the Hygienist £68.00
Antibiotic Gels£29.00
Tooth Restoration
Fissure Sealant £34.00
White filling in anterior (front) tooth1 surface £81.00
2 surfaces £122.00
White filling in posterior (back) tooth1 surface £81.00
2 surfaces £122.00
3 surfaces £162.00
Porcelain or gold crown/inlay£540.00 plus price of gold
Root Canal Treatment
Anterior (front) tooth
Premolar tooth
Posterior (back) tooth£431.00
Teeth Replacement
Removable Options
Partial Acrylic Denture from £560.00
Partial Chrome Based Denturefrom £990.00
One Full Denturefrom £790.00
Full Upper & Lower Denturesfrom £990.00
Add Tooth to Existing Denture£90.00
Fixed Options
Bridge Workfrom £540.00 per unit
Implants (Restoration)Request Quote
Jaw Joint Problems
Corrective Splintfrom £186.00
Equilibrationfrom £455.00
Extractions & Surgical Treatments
Extraction (Per Tooth)£115.00
Multiple ExtractionsRequest Quote
Gum surgeryRequest Quote
Smile Improvements
Bleaching Stent
One arch
Both arches
£305.00 (inc. 4 gels)
£375.00 (inc. 8 gels)
Additional Bleaching Gels £17.00
Aesthetic Crowns & Veneersfrom £565.00
Out of hours fee
For registered patients only£100 (£20 Denplan pts), plus dental charges